CFO Services & Coaching

A full-time CFO isn’t always necessary for a start- or scale-up, yet advice and guidance with financial matters can make a large difference in the growth of your company.

Learn more about the different services I offer such as CFO-as-a-service, with areas of expertise such as merger & acquisition, sustainability and financial evaluation.

CFO Services

Advice, support
and guidance

With more than ten years of experience as a CFO, I offer multiple services within the field of finance, from CFO-as-a-service to sustainability. Next to that, I’m also available as a member of the Supervisory Board for cultural institutions, or (semi) non-profit organizations.

Merger & Acquisition
Sustainability Consultancy
Supervisory Roles
Financial Evaluation & Analysis
Market Analysis

CFO Services

Available services as a CFO

The diverse services and areas of expertise in which I advise, support, and guide.

  • Financial strategy and its implementation
  • Support and advice on the financial structure, its improvement, and if needed, the implementation thereof
Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Support and guidance on mergers & acquisitions, for both buying and selling
  • Advice and strategy implementation regarding ESG
  • Implementation of ESG strategy in your daily practice as a CFO


Consistent coaching

As an expert, I’m also available for coaching and mentoring for financials and entrepreneurs that are looking for regular coaching on a personal level.

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